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Welcome to Star Wars: Omens!

Imperial ground forces engage.

The Republic is dead. Long live the Galactic Empire. Long live Emperor Palpatine.

The years following Order 66 have been dark ones. Planets resisting Palpatine's new order have been put under martial law and, when necessary, subjugated. And still, people resist.

They rebel.

The Emperor has consolidated his power and his lieutenant, the dreaded Darth Vader, has destroyed the Jedi Order. Together, with the aid of their new Inquisitors, the two are hunting down the remaining Jedi, even as they grow the Empire to new and more fearsome heights of power. The Galaxy trembles in the shadow of Emperor Palpatine.

The Rebellion is hardly a well-oiled machine, although they have more luck on their side than is the right of any insurgent to claim. Is it luck?

Star Wars: Omens is MUSH that re-opens its curtains ten years after the fateful Order 66.

Politics and intrigue blend with high-stakes adventure to make a unique experience in the Star Wars universe you love where both familiar and new characters work together to shape the future.

Ready to check us out? Point your MU* Client of choice to: port 7827!

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Now Hiring: FS3 Administrator
SW Omens staff is looking for someone who is very familiar with Faraday's FS3 system to help us continue adapting FS3 for player use and perform maintenance on it as needed. Interested individuals, please @mail Opera.

SW: Omens is presently under-going a facelift and is not presently open for applications. Please feel free to hang around and talk about character concepts... Details will be given as they become available!

Thank you for your understanding!

~ SW Omens Staff ~