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Welcome to Star Wars: Omens!

GAR forces at the 1st Battle of Geonosis.

The Galaxy is balanced precariously on the edge of a precipice, ravaged by war.

In a dark time that challenges morals and long-held beliefs, shadowy plots run rampant. Criminals thrive. The Jedi Order is stretched impossibly thin in service to the Galactic Republic while the Confederacy of Independent Systems continues to unleash droids and new horrors in the desperate struggle to remain free.

But there are signs that not all is as it seems, that even greater forces are at work.

This is a war where time may be the greatest enemy of all.

Star Wars: Omens is a brand-new MUSH that opens its curtains in the twilight years of the Republic, at the height of the Clone Wars. Politics and intrigue blend with high-stakes adventure to make a unique experience in the Star Wars universe you love where both familiar and new characters work together to shape the future.

Ready to check us out? Point your MU* Client of choice to: port 7827!

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SW: Omens is presently under-going a facelift and is not presently open for applications. Please feel free to hang around and talk about character concepts... Details will be given as they become available!

Thank you for your understanding!

~ SW Omens Staff ~